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4 Signs You Should Book an Appointment with an Auto Repair Specialist

Whether you drive a car, a truck or an SUV, it's important to be aware of the signs of auto troubles so that you can have the problems fixed. Auto specialists who are experts in the field of auto service work can repair and update all components that need attention so that your vehicle will be safer to drive.


Here are some signs that often indicate that it's time to book an appointment with an auto repair specialist:

1. Brake Problems

If you notice that your brakes are squeaking, grinding or making other strange noises, a professional should look at your vehicle to determine the exact cause of the problem. You may also notice that you have to apply more pressure to your brakes to get your vehicle to stop, and this usually indicates that the brakes need changing.

2. Oil Light Comes On

You shouldn't wait to take your vehicle to an auto repair specialist if you see that the oil light has come on and stays on continuously or intermittently. An oil light that comes on usually means that the oil level in your vehicle is low because of a leak or because you're long past due for an oil change.

3. Noticeable Fluid Leaks

If you see any puddles of fluid under your vehicle after yo'’ve parked it, auto diagnostic testing should be performed to determine the exact cause. Water often drips underneath a vehicle after using the air conditioning system and is usually harmless, but seeing clear fluid might also mean that there's another problem with your vehicle. You should be especially concerned if you notice any green, red, brown or black fluid that's leaking.

4. More Vibration than Usual

It's expected for your vehicle to vibrate somewhat while it's in drive or idle mode, but excessive humming may be caused by mechanical problems. If you notice that your vehicle vibrates more than it should while driving it, your tires may be misaligned or have other problems. Engine, brake and transmission problems can also cause a vehicle to vibrate excessively.

These and other signs of auto problems shouldn't be ignored, and it's important to have the issues addressed as quickly as possible to avoid bigger problems that could put you and other drivers at risk. Kelowna Transmission & Auto Repair has a team of qualified auto specialists on staff who can perform a variety of repairs, and you can learn more and book an appointment by visiting