When temperatures rise in Kelowna, B.C., you'll want to have an air conditioner in your vehicle that's capable of keeping you, your kids and your pets cool.


If your air conditioner isn't providing the cooling power that you need to beat the heat, air conditioning services are performed by trained automotive technicians to ensure that the inside of your vehicle stays comfortable and doesn't overheat on the hottest days. If you're planning any summer road trips, you should definitely plan ahead and schedule any air conditioner repair or maintenance work before you go on your journey.

Addressing Airflow Problems

If the airflow from your air conditioner isn't coming out the way that it’s supposed to, Kelowna Transmission's automotive experts can fix the problem. Your air conditioner may be blowing out warm air instead of cold, and service professionals will check to see if a low freon level or refrigerant leak is causing the problem. Our professionals can also fix your air conditioner if it's producing a weak airflow that isn't capable of cooling off the entire vehicle.

Improving Fuel Economy

An air conditioner that's malfunctioning could cause your vehicle to use more fuel than it should, and you can keep the gas in your tank lasting longer by having any problems with your unit addressed. An air conditioner that works properly may not have to use as much fuel, which can save you money and reduce the number of times that you need to stop and fuel up.

Making Your Ride Safer

Fixing your air conditioner can even make driving safer. Air conditioners that get dirty inside because of a lack of cleaning or mechanical problems can attract more bacteria and cause mold to grow, and these harmful factors could create unsafe breathing conditions inside your vehicle.

If you want to get the most use out of your vehicle's air conditioner, you should have any problems with your unit addressed as soon as possible. The experts at Kelowna Transmission & Auto Repair know how to fix all types of auto air conditioners, and you can learn more about our services and schedule an appointment by visiting www.kelownatransmission.com.