Whether you are looking for transmission service advice, transmission maintenance,

simple transmission repairs, or a complete transmission rebuild,

Kelowna Transmission & Auto Repair is here to help!


Over time, the quality of your vehicle’s transmission fluid will degrade and lose its ability to cool and lubricate the gears. We will perform a transmission fluid flush service at regular intervals, as well as diagnose transmission problems and rebuild/replace your transmission if it fails.

Transmission Fluid Flush Service

We will drain the existing transmission fluid and replace it with new fluid according to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation. Regular flushing of your transmission fluid will help improve the performance of your transmission, decrease the rate of wear on gears and parts, and extend the life of your transmission.


Despite regular maintenance, your transmission will eventually reach a point at which it needs to be rebuilt or replaced. Our full-service shop offers a rebuild or replacement of your transmission to suit your needs.

Manual/Automatic Transmission Servicing

A full service of your automatic transmission includes fluid replacement and a new transmission filter and pan gasket. A full service of your manual transmission includes fluid replacement.

Custom-Built Transmissions

As our name suggests, we specialize in transmissions – including custom-built transmissions. This doesn’t just include transmissions for the common passenger vehicles, but also heavy-duty trucks, tow trucks and hot rods. Bring us your vehicle and we will build a custom transmission to suit your needs!


Your heavy-duty vehicle has to operate in many different conditions and situations. We will work with you to determine what you need and install a custom-built transmission that will help you get the job done.

Trailer Towing

We can build a custom transmission for all your towing needs. Whether you are looking for some extra durability and performance, or have extreme duty towing needs, we will provide a top-notch custom transmission to meet your requirements.

Hot Rods

Our experience working on hot rods can give you confidence that we will treat your car right and provide you with top-quality service. We can custom-build a transmission that is perfectly suited for your unique hot rod and that will give you the performance you desire.

ATRA The Golden Rule Warranty

Kelowna Transmission & Auto Repair is a proud member of ATRA, the largest Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association in the world.
We are pleased to offer The Golden Rule Warranty on all automatic transmission work at no additional cost to the customer.
With over 2000 members throughout the United States and Canada, this warranty plan allows repairs by member shops nationwide, giving you peace of mind while traveling.


  • We will offer honest advice and fair prices.
  • We will follow up with you to ensure you are completely satisfied with your experience
  • We will everything we can to ensure you feel important and respected.
  • We will offer friendly and helpful service.