Kelowna Transmission & Auto Repair is a full-service auto repair shop, specializing in transmissions.

Our highly-qualified technicians have been providing the Okanagan with high-quality service and

expert repairs, on all makes and models, for over 20 years.

We Offer a Complete Range of Auto Repair Services

Oil Changes, Tune-ups, & More

Regular servicing, inspection and tune-ups keep your vehicle running at its best and can help prevent expensive problems from developing.

Fluids & Filters

Our oil change includes 5 litres of high-quality motor oil, a new oil filter, lubrication of chassis components and a 35-point safety inspection. We’ll also top up other fluids in your vehicle such as transmission fluid, windshield washer fluid, antifreeze/coolant, power steering fluid, differential fluid and transfer case fluid.

Spark Plugs, Fuel Injection & Ignition Timing

We can keep your engine running efficiently with our spark plug, fuel injection and ignition timing services. Spark plugs should be changed at the manufacturer’s recommended interval to prevent engine misfires, decreased efficiency and increased emissions. Fuel injection services can increase horsepower, improve fuel efficiency and correct certain performance issues. Ignition timing services can improve engine performance and increase power. On some vehicles, ignition timing is not serviceable and may require a cam/crank sync procedure.

Preventative Maintenance Schedule

Keeping track of your vehicle manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule can be confusing so let us do that for you! We follow the preventative maintenance schedule for your vehicle including fluid and filter changes, regular tune-ups, and inspections of various parts including spark plugs, lights, belts, exhaust system, transmission and brakes.


Brake inspections and servicing are a critical part of the regular maintenance of your vehicle. In addition to regular inspections, bring your vehicle to us for a brake inspection if you notice the brakes make a continuous squealing or grinding noise, the pedal feels spongy, or the brake warning light stays on.

Disc Pads & Rotors/Drums

To keep your brakes in optimal condition, we will replace your brake pads or shoes and machine the rotors/drums. Machining creates a smooth surface on the rotors/drums which increases the braking efficiency. After the rotors/drums are machined numerous times, they will need to be replaced due to reaching the minimum thickness specification.

Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS)

If the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) light on your dashboard stays on, it could indicate that the brake fluid level is low. Bring your vehicle to us and we will check for fluid levels and leaks in your brake line. We can also diagnose and repair any other problems with your ABS system.

Brake Fluid Flush

Over time, your vehicle’s brake fluid will become dirty and/or contaminated. We will perform a complete flush and replacement of your brake fluid to keep your braking system operating safely.

Fuel Systems

Keeping your vehicle’s fuel system well-maintained will help reduce emissions, increase performance and improve gas mileage. Bring your vehicle to us if you notice any engine knocking sounds, stalls or sputtering, decreased gas mileage, loss of power, strong exhaust smell, or your check engine light stays on.

Fuel Delivery/Supply

Your vehicle’s fuel pump generates pressure to pump the fuel to your engine. The fuel pressure regulators control the pump pressure to precisely and accurately deliver the fuel that is required. We will inspect your fuel delivery system and repair or replace parts as required to ensure that the right amount of fuel is delivered at the right time. Fuel is supplied through various parts such as the fuel tank, lines and injectors. All of these parts should be cleaned regularly and there should be periodic checks for blockages and replacement of the fuel filter.

Fuel Efficiency

Keeping your fuel system clean and well-maintained, with good quality fuel and clean filters, is the best way to increase fuel efficiency in your fuel system. If you feel that your vehicle’s fuel efficiency is lower than what it should be for your vehicle model, we can determine the reason and offer you corrective solutions.

Engine Services

The engine is the heart of your vehicle and has numerous belt and hoses that support its functioning. Regular belt replacement helps prevent expensive repairs due to engine damage. Belt replacement should also be done when you notice warning signs such as the engine overheating, coolant leaks, worn clamps, or poor heater/air-conditioning performance.

Timing Belts

Your engine won’t run without the timing belt and if it breaks it may lead to other, more costly repairs. Therefore, it should be inspected and replaced according to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation.

Engine Rebuilds

For various reasons, your engine may require a rebuild or replacement at some point during the life of your vehicle. We can rebuild your engine or replace it with a new or used engine according to your needs.

Performance Modifications

If you want to get extra performance from your engine, we can install various performance modifications such as superchargers, high-quality air filters, cold air intake kits and performance chips. Tell us what you are looking to achieve and we can provide the solution!

Electrical Systems

Bring your vehicle to us to solve any problems with your vehicle’s electrical system. There may be an issue with your electrical system if it is difficult or impossible to start your vehicle, your dashboard warning lights stay on, certain electrical devices aren’t working, or your battery terminals appear corroded.


We will do a free battery test on your vehicle and let you know your battery’s current status and the expected battery life. When your battery needs replacement, our battery replacement service includes a new battery and cleaning of the battery tray and terminal posts.


Your vehicle’s starter cranks the engine to start your vehicle while the alternator generates power for the electrical system and keeps the battery charged. We can test your starter to ensure it that is operating properly and won’t leave you stranded.

Lighting/Power-Equipment Controls

We will inspect your vehicle’s exterior lights to ensure they are all operating correctly, to keep your vehicle safe on the road. We can replace any bulbs that have burned out, as well as fix any problems with your control systems.

Exhaust Systems

Your vehicle’s exhaust system is not only responsible for reducing noise but also helps reduce harmful emissions from being released into the environment. We can diagnose and repair any problem with your vehicle’s exhaust system including the muffler, catalytic converter and pipes.

Mufflers/Catalytic Converters

The most noticeable sign that your muffler needs repair is the increase in noise. When your catalytic converter needs replacement, you may notice an increase in smelly fumes coming from your vehicle. Having your muffler and catalytic converter in good working order not only improves your comfort and vehicle efficiency, but is better for the environment.


Over time, headers and pipes in your exhaust system will become corroded and worn. We will repair or replace the headers and pipes to keep your exhaust system running smoothly.

Exhaust Leaks

We will inspect your vehicle’s exhaust system for holes or leaks and repair these leaks to reduce noise and dangerous exhaust fumes.

Steering & Suspension

If your vehicle pulls to one side, is difficult to handle, bounces excessively, or fluid is leaking out of the shock or strut body, you may have a problem with your suspension system. We can diagnose and repair the problem to help you stay in control and get to your destination safely.

Steering Linkage

Typical symptoms of a steering problem include vehicle handling issues and accelerated tire wear. If the problem is with your steering linkage, parts may need to be tightened or replaced if worn.

Power-Steering Fluid Flush

If you notice that it is very difficult to turn your vehicle’s steering wheel, your power steering fluid may be dirty or low. We will flush out the contaminated fluid and refill it with new fluid.


Uneven tire wear, cracked or leaking shocks, vehicle bounce or "nose diving" are all signs that your vehicle's shocks and struts may be worn. Struts and shocks should be replaced in front and rear pairs to keep your car operating safely, reduce tire wear and improve gas mileage.

Diagnostics / Troubleshooting

Finding the cause of that mysterious sound or identifying something that just feels “off” with your vehicle can be tricky for drivers. We will use the various high-tech tools at our disposal, as well as our knowledge and experience, to diagnose and troubleshoot those tricky problems.

Computer Scans/Diagnostics

We use computerized scans and advanced diagnostic tools to measure emission levels and diagnose any potential problems. Our state-of-the-art system will detect any problems with your vehicle’s emissions system.


If you notice a problem with your vehicle but are unsure of the cause, we will use our troubleshooting and data-monitoring techniques to find the problem and offer a solution.

Exhaust Systems

Problems in a vehicle’s exhaust system most often leads to an increase in noise and odor. We fully inspect your vehicle’s exhaust system for any leaks and repair or replace any worn parts to bring your exhaust system back to good working order.

Four Wheel Drive / All-Wheel Drive

Four-wheel drive (4WD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles are vehicles that enable all four wheels to receive torque from the engine at the same time. This gives more control than two-wheel drive on slippery or off-road surfaces. 4WD vehicles have a transfer case between the front and rear axles while most AWD vehicles have a differential between the front and rear driveshafts. This means that on a 4WD the front and rear driveshafts do not rotate at different speeds while on an AWD all wheels can spin at different speeds.

Four-Wheel Drive

The transfer case for your vehicle’s 4WD system should be regularly inspected for wear and the fluid should be replaced at regular intervals.

All-Wheel Drive

The differential fluid for your vehicle’s AWD system should be replaced at regular intervals.

Electronic Transfer Case Control Systems

Four-wheel drive vehicles have a unique gear box called the transfer case. There is lubricant fluid in this case which should be replaced at regular intervals to avoid damage or premature wear.


Your vehicle has a gear box between the drive wheels, known as the differential, which enables the drive wheels to turn at varying speeds. The differential needs lubricating fluid to run smoothly; this fluid will become contaminated and break down over time, reducing its ability to provide proper gear lubrication.

Driveshafts / Axles

In front wheel drive vehicles, there are usually two half axles which are connected to the wheels by CV joints. If you notice a clicking or cracking sound when driving your vehicle around corners or in tight circles, you may have a worn CV joint. We will carefully inspect your driveshaft / axle system to determine what needs to be repaired or replaced to keep your vehicle running safely.

Gear Ratios

The gear ratio of your vehicle’s differential affects the acceleration of your vehicle, gas mileage and top speed. We can change the gear ratio to achieve the right balance between these various factors.

Differential Fluid Change

When your vehicle’s differential fluid becomes gummy and is unable to provide proper lubrication, it is time for a differential fluid change. We will change out the old fluid and replace it with new fluid according to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations to help prevent premature wear on the gears.

Engine Cooling System

The central part of your vehicle’s engine cooling system is the radiator. It is important to keep your radiator properly maintained in order to avoid overheating of your engine which can decrease performance and cause costly damage to your radiator or engine.

Radiators, Fans & Water Pumps

The most common reason that a vehicle breaks down on the highway is a radiator problem. Regular maintenance can prevent most of these incidents and increase the service life of your cooling system. We will inspect the fluid, hoses, fans and water pumps and repair or replace parts as required to keep your vehicle on the road.

Heater Core & Thermostat

We will inspect your vehicle’s heater core and thermostat to ensure proper functioning and repair or replace them as required.

Coolant Fluid Flush

Your vehicle manufacturer will recommend a fluid flush at certain intervals. The need for a coolant fluid flush can also be determined by visual inspection. Our coolant fluid flush includes a complete fluid removal and replacement with new fluid.


If you have a diesel vehicle, we can help you determine the proper maintenance schedule, as the service requirements may be different from a vehicle with a gas engine. We have extensive experience with diesel vehicles and can address driveability problems and offer components for increased performance.

Driveability Problems

Diesel vehicles can sometimes develop driveability problems over time. Using our experience and state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, we will diagnose the cause of those problems and offer solutions. We can also recommend additives that will help keep your diesel engine running smoothly.

Custom-Built Transmissions

If you want a custom-built transmission that is strong enough to meet the needs of your diesel engine vehicle, then we are the shop for you. We can build a transmission with high-quality parts using the latest advances in automotive technology.

Performance Components

We offer high-quality performance components for your diesel vehicle, turbos, exhausts, injectors, air intakes, clutches, chips and more! We can provide expert advice to help you choose the parts that are right for you to get the upgraded performance that you are looking for.


Your vehicle’s tires obviously play a crucial role in steering, support, bump absorption, and your ability to start and stop your vehicle. Tire quality, maintenance, and wear all factor into how well your tires are performing these jobs. Not sure about the state of your tires? We will inspect them to determine the remaining tire life and can provide any maintenance, repair or replacement as required.

New Tires

Whether you need to replace some or all of your current tires, or are looking for an additional set for a seasonal changeover, we can help you find what you need. Our goal is to provide high quality tires that meet your budget and what you need to use them for. We offer a variety of brands, such as Hankook, Yokohama, Marshall and Kumho, in a variety of types including all-season, all-weather, high-performance, winter and more.

Mount & Balance

Unbalanced tires can wear out faster and cause vibrations or suspension damage. If you purchase new tires from us, we will balance your newly-mounted tires using our computer-controlled balancing machine. If you notice vibrations in your existing vehicle, we can inspect and then re-balance your tires as needed.

Tire Rotation

Your tires should be rotated regularly, approximately every other oil change, to ensure even wear amongst all four tires, as the wear can be different for front and back tires and according to your driving patterns. This will maximize the life of your tires and improve the handling of your vehicle.


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